Debra Bolaños has made it her mission to deliver superior, rich, and professional folklore entertainment to her local communities while bringing purposeful education through the Mexican culture and its’ history. Since 1970, Debra (founder and director of Xel-Ha Escuela de Danza) has embarked on a beautiful journey through life that tells a very admirable story not only about her but about her craft in dancing and love of her heritage.

As one of the only and rare Mexican Ballet Folklore instructor in Northwest Indiana, Debra is able to stay close with her community, provide leadership, mentorship, and offer up services that range from dance, travel and international imports.

Debra has ran and owned the Xel-Ha Studio space for over 25 years and is looked at one of the original pioneers of the Northwest Indiana small businesses chamber. Her countless effort of bettering her city and challenging herself daily to bring innovating opportunities to the youth is just one of the reasons why she is so loved by many. 

Inspired by her family and friends, Debra continues to push the boundaries in her own ways by staying active for numerous organization like Sociedad Cultural Civica y La Reforma where she is founder and President. 

If you are interested in getting to know Xel-Ha Escuela de Danza or partnering with Debra contact us at [email protected]

Feliz día de los ñinos!

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